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Set me free...

Feeling like a caged bird.. hmm... Sometimes life is just so jailed up, Doing things just to please other people. being tactful with words so that we don't hurt other people (Esp SNAGs.. read sensitive new age guy/gal). Why? Why do we have to live in pretence? Why can't we just be ourselves? Speak our minds.... in the process of my life, i have realised that being plastic is the best policy to survive. People cannot take the real you. like for example, u tell someone the truth that u have never smoke before, they choose not to believe you but tell them yes i have smoked before, they straight away believe what you just said. Oh why oh why? people tend to believe in lies i suppose? We are all sad creatures. Believe in the unseen and the obivious lies. I'm high now as i write this. High! Really very high.. hahhaa.. I dont even know what rubbish i'm uttering. Set me free.. Free me from this F@#$ed up world!
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