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Perth in 24Hours

Touched down. 1205hrs, 20/03/03. Showered. Lobby. Charmy. Cafe. Macdonald's. Bonte Street. Chat. Laugh. Smoke. Sleep. wake up. War. Went out. Irony. Shopping. David Jones. AESOP. Myers. Student joint. Curry rice. Drive. Curtin University. Lecture. Boring. Apple Strudels. Chili Sauce. Yeo's drinks. Bonte Street. Fremantle. Sunset. Fish and Chips. Mussels. Garden City. Boost. Happening. Bonte Street. Bye Bye Charmy. Lobby. Change. Lobby. Airport. Bye Bye PERTH. 0130hrs, 21/03/03.

That sums up my stay Perth in 24 hours.
Going to miss u Charmy.......

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