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These days, I don't know how to express myself well with words. Nothing great has been going on these few days. Cutted down on my night visits to clubs. Haha. Improvement! At least. work has been good. Doing turns. I'm quite happy. At least I get to go home. But bad pay check for this month. Guess i'm truly the happiest when i'm back home. Sorry to those who are still struggling with studies, work, etc overseas.

My brother just asked me about migration. Perth or Melbourne. Told him I'll stick to Melbourne as planned. Just because he visited my cousin in Perth and now he wants to divert to Perth instead(Lower living cost). Isn't it ironic. I was just talking about feling good and all that coming back to home here. Well, it's a difficult situation to explain. At least my family will be moving over if nothing goes wrong. But that won't happen so soon. At least in 4 to 5 years time. "Will I ever get a tribute from my friend if I were to leave?" I doubt so. Haha......... Am i being the bitch again?

Going out to meet David now. Long lost friend. Met him last night at work. Ciaoz!

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