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"I've had my share of criticism and although it hurts, it's made me stronger. I have a sensitive nature but I am quietly resilient. I'm very demanding of myself, which can exasperate friends, but it means I usually find a challenge to immerse myself in."

From Kylie Minogue's book..... kylie: La La La.....
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The Best thing is Loving you..

It's not Luck,
It's Our effort.
Love is not Simple,
If we are not willing.
From Strangers to Lovers,
We just like one another.
Time is the factor,
It's Love, it's Ourselves.

We see time flying by us, going into winter.
And during this period, I remember the flawless you.
And I will treasure it all.
In the 365 days of memories,
I will be able to reminisce the best things.
And that is LOVING YOU.........

OK OK..... Crappy.. but i managed to come up with this poem for Valentine's day!! Woohoo.. My maiden try at it.. I don't even know how poems should go.. All LJiers out there who do know a thing or two teach me!! Enlighten me.. Thank you! May not only this day be filled with LOVE and JOY but EVERYDAY!!!

P/S:Specially dedicate this to IVY!!! Heehee...
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Tom's Diner

I am sitting
In the morning
At the diner
On the corner

I am waiting
At the counter
For the man
To pour the coffee

And he fills it
Only halfway
And before
I even argue

He is looking
Out the window
At somebody
Coming in

"It is always
Nice to see you"
Says the man
Behind the counter

To the woman
Who has come in
She is shaking
Her umbrella

And I look
The other way
As they are kissing
Their hellos

I'm pretending
Not to see them
I pour the milk

I open
Up the paper
There's a story
Of an actor

Who had died
While he was drinking
It was no one
I had heard of

And I'm turning
To the horoscope
And looking
For the funnies

When I'm feeling
Someone watching me
And so
I raise my head

There's a woman
On the outside
Looking inside
Does she see me?

No she does not
Really see me
Cause she sees
Her own reflection

And I'm trying
Not to notice
That she's hitching
Up her skirt

And while she's
Straightening her stockings
Her hair
Is getting wet

Oh, this rain
It will continue
Through the morning
As I'm listening

To the bells
Of the cathedral
I am thinking
Of your voice...

And of the midnight picnic
Once upon a time
Before the rain began...

I finish up my coffee
It's time to catch the train


Yup.. I was finally back at my fave nightspot Centro after so long.. Wow.. When i got there.. the queue was like never ending.. saw some familiar faces, jumped q and got into the club. The place was packed.. I could hardly breathe. Was air conditioning down? I wondered.. Made my way in and found my friends all tucked in one corner. Met my hk friends. They were all already high.. VERY HIGH.. Thank god i wasn't riding!( i wanted to get as high as them!!) haha... Every week.. I'll be drinking. LAst week was velvet, this week.. Centro. When will this stop? Hmmm...... Met some interesting girls.. Rebecca. News reporter from hk. She was so funny.. making faces and jumping from one sofa to another.. Another girl, from San Frans, Gailey... Interesting name for a beautiful ABC.. She kept mentioning i looked like someone in SF. but shorter. (so sad.. say i short..) according to my friends there, she's a popular cover girl in japan.. WOW!! she's really a beauty. look like zhang ziyi.. Than there is Dennis, aSingaporean based in HK. so interesting.. to be able to work else where. when will i ever be doing such things? soon enough i hope... i must have drank so much.. shots of SOTB, tequila and yes.. champange.. Hmm.. seem to be able to hold my liquor better nowadays.. remember the time i puke when i finished just two bottles of e33..(hey.. i took two bottles in one go and all in one breathe). Maybe drinking was a booster for my energy.. kept boogie woogieing till 4am. left.. took a cab and left for IVY's place for some more extension!! haha.. reached her place at about 430am. played mahjong till about 6plus. they complained cannot take it already.. first time i'm doing such things.. gosh.. and i finally got home by 7am and slept till like 3pm. arrgghhhh.. forgot about my classmate's gathering.. That's new yr for me! back to work tmr!! arrghhh..
Oh yah, forgot to mention.. i met my japanses batch girls at centro too!! they were so happening!!
haha.. CIAOZ
Collect more ang pows for the remaining ermmm 12 days??
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Oh the weather! I simply hate it. But it's nice to eat steamboat in this kind of cool weather i suppose. My brother bought LIVE PRAWNS!! We cooked it just like that! I know it sounds disgusting and barbaric but the taste of the prawns was heavenly!! Hmm...... It's the first CNY that i gave Ang Pow to my Lao Bu.. I felt so proud of myself for a while!! Heehehee.. Hope i can give a bigger one next year..

Happy Lunar New Year to all!!

I'm With You..

"I'm With You"

I'm Standing on a bridge
I'm waitin in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now
Theres nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but theres no sound

Isn't anyone tryin to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Wont you take me by the hand
take me somewhere new
I dont know who you are
but I... I'm with you

im looking for a place
searching for a face
is anybody here i know
cause nothings going right
and everythigns a mess
and no one likes to be alone

Isn't anyone tryin to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Wont you take me by the hand
take me somewhere new
I dont know who you are
but I... I'm with you

oh why is everything so confusing
maybe I'm just out of my mind
yea yea yea

It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Wont you take me by the hand
take me somewhere new
I dont know who you are
but I... I'm with you

Take me by the hand
take me somewhere new
I dont know who you are
but I... I'm with you
I'm with you

Take me by the hand
take me somewhere new
I dont know who you are
but I... I'm with you
I'm with you
I'm with you...
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Wow! it's been long.. I'll be taking a test next week.. A test to determine whther i make it or not to be a steward. haha.. Sounds so serious.. Oh well.. I miss my best freind. She's no in Amsterdam i think. Suppose to be in frankfurt to get me chewing gums, chocolates, LVs, blah blah blah blah.. Hope she returns safely tmr..

hmm.. oh yah, the main topic today is my CNY clothes.. Gosh.. If the only way to boost the local economy is thru spending, SIngapore!! I have did my part already.. It really depends on the other ermmmmmmm 3.5million other counterparts to do their part. As Helmut LAng is closing down, i bought one pair of jeans, and a pair of pants. Gosh..... than shopped at Prada. Bought a shirt. It looks really really good!! Oh well.. It's a PRADA. And also a Prada bag to go along with it.. Yes.. My god, the power of working and having no commitments yet. Going to spend some more money to get myself a nice looking Vespa ET8 as well..
I seem a little disorientated today. Just typing whatever that i want to say now. like in a conversation. Bought another Moschino pants as well. it's latex material so it's really fitting. and it makes me so slim.. hahahaha... one uncle shopping with his son at the store gave me a thumbs up when i came out of the changing room.. haha.."UNCLe, u pay for me lah"
yah, so far so good. this CNY... i'm going to be a little star. in any case, it'd the first CNY that i'm buying clothes using my very own hard earned money. got to pamper myself a bit more than last year!! heehee...
oh..................................................... oh well.. in case i go missing in action again i wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!!! May all those married pple give bigger ang pows and single ones recieving more!!
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Oh.. Oh .. Ho Ho Ho....

Two more days and there goes 2002. Another year has zoom pass us. What have i accomplished this yr? Looking back i realised NOTHING!! Oh gosh..
Did i fulfill my 2002 New year resolution? Hmm... I think so.. Just that i still don't have my driver's licnese. Lost a few kilos. Two actually. And hmm... Friends. Oh i met so many interesting friends this year. But of course my best buddies were there always when i needed them. Or were they????!!?? Hmm.. Anotehr accomplishment for the year was getting into SQ? or should i say a disappointment to have left school? Oh well.. Like what i told my cousin today at a party. IT'S MY LIFE! I DECIDE WHAT I WANT, HOW I'M GOING TO GET IT DONE. Haha..
That's 2002 for me.
2003 New Year resolutions!
1) To get fitter!
2) Driver's license
3) New YOrk and London!
4) World Peace! haha....

Happy New Year eve eve to all!!!
Happy New Year Eve to All!!
Happy NEw YEar!

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You can tell on yourself by the friends you seek,
By the way you employ your leisure time,
By the use you make of dollar to dime;
You can tell what you are by the things you wear,
By the spirits in which your burden bear,
By the kind of things at which you laugh,
By the records you play on the phonograph.
You tell what you are by the way you walk,
By the things of which you delight to talk,
By the manner in which you bear defeat,
By so simple a thing as how you eat,
By the books you choose from the well-filled shelf;
In these ways and more, you tell on yourself.
So there's really no particle of sense,
In an effort to keep up false pretense..

Merry Christmas to all MY FRIENDS!!!!!
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Busy Week.....

It's been a fun filled tiring week for me.. Didn't attend a single driving lesson this week as well.
Thursday December 12th, the day Mr and Miss Gorgeous was chosen. As expected, i didn't get into Top 10. Hey, everyone's a winner! So said by a loser.. haha.. It was really fun back staged. Than decided to do a peek-a-boo with the other contestants to know what was happening on stage...And saw Patrick's cousin on stage boogie woogieing away with her boyfriend.. I was laughing non stop.. Wonder if it is born in me.. Wanted so much not to smile on stage (you know.. like act cool??) but just don't know why my smile just cannot go away.. Damn it! Oh...... THANKs A MILLION TO THOSE WHO ATTENDED and cheered for me!! After that, headed to Cartel for a really late dinner, more like supper kind of food.

Friday the 13th.. Went to work.. It was grooming day.. More for the girls. Gosh, the bun-up hair, blue eye shadow and red lip sticks.. The girls are starting to transform... Haha.. The guys? We were taught skin care which of course, yours faithfully here, is hahaha.. and expert, cleanse tone, moisturise.. Aiyo.. No need to teach me lah.. hahahaha.. Than teach us to cleanse our face, scrub, and than do mask.. can you imagine this, picture the room...... Filled with girls puting on make up and 6 guys here and there doing mask.. yes!!! facial MASK!!!!! Than running to the wash room to clean up. The day ended early. Headed home and than quick shower and out of the house i went. Met up with batch girls to bring the japanese girls to town. Showed them around town. Tasted some local food and every dish they tok.. "O-ii shi neh!" they commented.. " so.. so" we replied. hahahaha... It's really fun to have these few jap girls around. Shwed them HEEREN. They loved BASIC BEAUTY. Like went back to Japan kind of feeling. I'm sure they're going to miss home. Than it was like 10 plus and decideed to head on down to wine bar where the rest of the batch guys and girls were. Drank so much. I mean us. Not me.. I only drank like 4 shots of "sex on the Beach" and already cannot make it. YEs, i'm that lousy... A couple of more drinks later, we were on the dancefloor of ZOUK dancing away. Colleagues managed to push more drinks to me and was forced to drink them.. Oh my.. Timothy was there as well cause the rest were at Kelly Chen's concert. Oh i'm sorry Tim, i didnt attend you show... Had great fun lah basically at ZOUK.

Today or rather , YESTERDAY.... Met Ivy in town... Proceeded to Helmut Lang.. They having SALE!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO..... Didn't buy anything.. Sigh.. No money still... Met SIANZ, i still prefer calling him that.. hehe...Think today he saw the true side of me? Or maybe he already know the true side of me like a few years back.. "YES>>>>I'm always so excited and i get my words wrong" ok only he, ivy and myself know what's happening for now. Went GUCCI, nothing still, Ivy hesistating to get the pouch.. Than went to Star Bucks sit downand chit chat waiting for Meilin's arrival. Caught Infernal Affairs.. It's plot is really good. I think ... So long never watch Hong Kong made movies and i must say it's kind of different. ust got home.. VEry tired... Yawns.. What should i do tmr ?? Off-day.. hahhahahaha... Maybe go shopping for Christmas Prezzies.......
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